Reaching Out Yearning AFter Liberty
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This web site will be designed to help you in every area of your life. 

The site is "on going" in its development, and so will change from time to time. We will be adding information on Success, Web Site Construction, Promotion, Meta Tags, Adwords, Google, EBay, Religion, Attitude, Programming, and any other topic that will help you develop as a successful person.


Notice our Theme: Royal Lion.


 Stands for the idea that we are all seeking to develop ourselves, lives and finances to the point that we have the LIBERTY, OR FREEDOM, to do what we want, when we want and if we want. This Liberty is the FREEDOM that comes from Financial stability, Health to enjoy it, and the Attitude to appreciate it.

There are several chareristics that determine whether we accomplish that FREEDOM OR LIBERTY  .

One is "REACHING"  That is speaking of results. In other words are we successful in making contact and persuading others to join us in our goal of LIBERTY?  It is the idea of "stretching" to reach your own potential. It is the offering of a helping hand to those that will accept it.

 Another way of understanding the word REACHING, is "to have arrived". True success is in the REACHING, not in the arriving. We are truely, only successful when we are still REACHING.

One is how much we truly desire it. It is not enough to have some vague ideas and dreams. It requires a deep, emotional "Yearning" that is in detailed pictures in our mind's eye. It is having a dream worth dying for. Or, said in another way, it is having a dream that enables you to really live.

Another is whether we will "keep on keeping on". It is easy to quit, or delude ourselves into thinking that we didn't really want what our heart desires. Determination and Persistence are the characteristics that will keep us stretching "AFTER" our goals in life. There really are only two steps to success. One is to hit your Goals. The other is to keep on hitting until you hit your Goals.

Another is involving "OTHERS" in our dreams.  It has been said that "No man is an island unto himself" The Good Book says "Without counsel, purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counselors they are established."  In the business world, we multiply our efforts by involving "OTHERS". When I reach Out to Others, I am empowering myself to become successful. When I help other people reach their goals, then I reach some of mine. We are successful when we help others become successful.

 SO! The acronym
 "R-O-Y-A-L" stands for

Reaching , Out or Others, Yearning, After, Liberty.

I hope to help you attain this lofty goal.


The other word in our web site title is "LION".

There are many different ways and methods to build an organization for success. It involves people, products, advertising, personal contacts, and promotion. We to day, are very fortunate to live in the Computer Age. I believe that On Line Marketing is the fastest and most efficient method ever seen by men.

The acronym "L-I-O-N" means

Learning, Income Online Now


Our goal


  To SHARE all we know that might help you be successful

  To SHOW you the tools that we have used.

  To EXPLAIN the methods we use daily to be successful.

  To TEACH you the methods and products that should ensure your health, wealth and happiness.

  All the MENTORING is free. Some of the products and tools are not free, but these are the ones that give you the most for the time and money invested. Most of the time there are free methods that can accomplish the same thing, but they cost your time.



Because the web is changing daily,


Any comments that are made positively, will be appreciated.

If you will share with me, I will share it with others, on this site.

But only with the multitude that have the Burning Desire to Succeed.

My Email is: Webmaster@royal-lion.com

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I hope this web site will encourage you to the level of succes that you desire.

I have been helping others to find their succes in life for a very long time.