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How To Set Goals 

To set a goal, we must first determine what it is that we desire. Goals have to be specific and detailed, or else they are just wishes.

 I have found that the best way to set a goal for myself is to take the necessary time to find out what I really want. I suggest you find a place where you can be totally relaxed and private. Set down, with pencil and paper or your computer. Take a blank page, and let your mind think and dream of what you would do or have if money, time, or circumstances were not an object. Write every thing down that you dream of. Write every detail of size and color. Imagine what you would be doing if you had that item. Where would you Go? What would you do? Who would you like to see if you had that dream? Who would be impressed by it. Who would be proud of you for having attained it? Who would have to acknowledge that you are a success?

You Must Have More Than One Goal 

It is important to realize that we have more than one aspect or needs in our lives. As human beings we are a three part being. We are made up as Body, Mind, and Soul (or Spririt). Each of these can be further divided into three parts. The Body could be divided into minerals, water and air. The Mind could be divided into Thoughts, Education and instincts. The Soul could be divided into Spirit, emotions, and understanding.

If we neglect 

Any one of these aspects or needs, then we will not function properly If we took our Body and concentrated on just the vitamins and mineral, and then neglected the water or air, our health would not be what it could be. We would be like a three legged stool, with one or two legs, shorter than the others. The stool would be unstable and likely to tip over. This is true of each of the Tricotomy of man.

Let's take the Body as an example

  To have a balanced body we must study and learn what the body needs. Most of us today realize that we will become what we eat. If we load up on sugars or fats, our health will suffer. That being true, we read and study to make sure we put the right minerals and vitamins into our diet. We also should learn about the water and air legs of our three legged stool.

Health experts have learned that the body needs much more water than the average person drinks. Your goal might be to drink from 5 to 6 , glasses of water per day. One of the ways to do this would be to drink equal amounts of water for each liquid that you are now drinking. After a while you will find that you desire more and more of the water, and less and less of the coke, coffee, tea, or other liquids.

Then think about the Air, part of our Body

  We might think that everybody breaths, and you would be correct. But what we might not realize is that the majority of people do not breath properly. The average person only uses the top part of their lungs. The bottom part only gets used if we are doing strenuous exercises or activities. That is why, when you do not exercise properly, when you do exert yourself, it makes your lungs hurt. Become aware of your Body and try to make every breath a deep, lung filling breath. The result will be that your health will improve. There is also a type of breathing that athletes and martial artists use that will vastly improve your health. If you desire to learn more about this special type of breathing, drop me an email, and I'll share it with you.

Now! Just like you are made up of many parts or aspects, your happiness and well being has many aspects or parts also. If you do not understand this and have not set goals in all the areas of your life, then you will begin building a "three legged stool".

We all could name people that have concentrated on the making of money to the extent that their family life has suffered. Having a million dollars will not bring happiness unless you have someone that cares for you, to share it with. Having a loving family and not have the finances to support them will also be a failure. 

For abundant happiness in life we must have goals in Health, Mind, Spiritual, and Financial, Family. We have already talked about our Health.

You should also have a concern
for your mind

It is a horrible thing to wind up a vegetable or with a mind that does not function properly. Eating, drinking and breathing right have a lot to do with that. But another thing that should be done is to always be improving your mind by using it. Think! When was the last time you learned something new? Most people quit learning when they quit school. It does not matter how much education they managed to finish. When they stopped school, they stopped learning. That is not acceptable if you want to have a happy life. Make a goal to learn something today. Take a class or read a book. I am in my seventies and have started teaching myself computer programming. I do not say that to pat myself on the back, but to illustrate the fact that we can continue learning at any age, and should, if we want a fun filled, active, successful, life.

On the Spiritual side  

I will not try to instruct you. But, you should be aware that we are and have, a spiritual side of us that needs to be fed, nourished and taken care of, if we would be happy. For myself, I am a believer in the Bible. This works for me. If you would like me to share more thoughts on this topic, let me know. 

On the Family side 

Just let me say that we all need someone to love and to be loved by. It is the motivation that makes us do unusual things. I will work harder to give my children things, like a good education, than I ever would for myself. My wife knows that when she shares her wants with me, that they become my goals also. Humans are made to love and to be loved. 

  Lets get to the financial side 

This seems to be the side that most people are concerned with. But remember, if we neglect the other sides of our existence, we will not be as happy as we could be. The technique I will be sharing with you can be used in each one of these other aspects of our lives. 

Set a financial goal

We must first determine how much we will need. To do that, find the time and place where you can relax and have some privacy. Even if you are married, I would recommend that you do this privately and then do it together, and then go back to your private place to do it again. That way your goals will properly be modified to include your partner's desires also.

In your private place, take a piece of paper or be in front of your computer with a blank page in a word processor. Then just relax and think what your lifestyle would be like, if money were not an object. Dream of what kind of car you would drive, what kind of home you would live in. Where and what kind of vacation you would take. Who would you help if you had the funds? What would you like to see or do? Just let your imagination run wild. List everything that comes to mind, no matter how weird or far-fetched it might be.

Now, take that list and arrange it in the order of importance. Put the things you want most on the top, let the others fall down the list somewhere. Do not put the most costly item at the top. Put something that would challenge you, but could still be attainable, with some effort. This list has become your goals in this one area of money or finances.

Now take that list and figure our how much you would have to make or be making, in order to have these things. Sometimes you do not have to have a million dollars in the bank, just to live like a millionaire. If you had a consistent monthly income equal to what a millionaire would have off the interest on his millions, you could live like he does. The result should be a dollar amount that you need in cash, for security, and also a dollar amount that your monthly income should be at in order to live the life style of your dreams.

How can you increase your income
to reach these goals?

There are many way to accomplish this. It might be investments in real-estate or the stock marked. It might be trading the stock market or the Forex market. It might be starting a business. That business might be operated from your home or even from your computer. I have done all these things and continue doing some of them today.

Of the investment type of businesses, I favor the Forex Markets best. It is fast paced and can be very lucrative. But it can also be very costly, if you do not know what you are doing.

Of the home businesses, I favor the internet kind the most. I have successfully operated from my home for a number of years, working Multi-level type businesses. I also love promoting and building business that are only done through the medium of the internet.

 You need to decide what suits you best. Are you comfortable, or even able to invest? Do you like and understand computers? Do you like dealing with people? If you do not like what you are doing, then you can not be happy. 

 If you are "broke" when starting out, that would limit some of the things you could start with. If completely broke, you might start with a yard sale, or a part time job, just to get the financial start. If you already have, and like a computer. there are businesses that can be started with zero investment, and even built with zero cost. Some of those concepts will be taught on this web site. If you want my personal advice on one, just ask.

What ever type of business that you have decided is the game you will be competing in, get some expert advice on how to proceed. Every business will have experts. Also every business will have "con-artists" It is very hard to determine which is which. Understand that most sales letters, or sales web sites are selling you the "sizzle", not the stake. We humans make most of our decisions on our emotions, rather than facts. If you want the truth, you have to disregard your emotions and base your decision on the facts.

If you have come this far

You now know what you want, and how many dollars it will take to satisfy that want. You have discovered your type of business that you want to build, and are ready to start. Take your goal list and take the top item. Ask yourself, "what would I have to do, in order to have that item?"

If you are selling a product in your business, what is the profit of one item sold, and how many would you have to sell in one months time, in order to have that goal. Now take the number of sales that have to be made, and divide that by four and then that by seven. You now have how many sales have to be made daily and weekly, in order to have your goal. Now you need to determine how many people you have to speak to, or how many advertising dollars, or how much time on the internet, you have to give, in order to make that one sale. Those figures are your real goals.

If you have done your home work, you will realize that the goals that you set, when broken down into daily tasks, are very easy to accomplish.

Here is the plan in a nutshell! 










I hope this web site will encourage you to the level of succes that you desire.

I have been helping others to find their succes in life for a very long time.