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Success Is The Progressive Realization Of A Worth While Goal 

Goals are the destinations we set our life toward. There can be no success until goals have been set. Most people never set their goals, and so they are forever wandering on life's sea. This is why we see so many failures. Ninety percent of the people in this world, never set goals for themselves. They let circumstances in their lives set the directions they travel. If you do not set goals for yourself, then people, events, and even things around you, will determine where you go or what you become. We have to be responsible and take charge of our own lives and destiny.

If we set a goal for ourselves, we will find that we automatically head toward that goal. Goals are the guidance system of our lives. A good example of this is the way many go shopping. If we just go to the Mall and shop, we will wander aimlessly from shop to shop and from counter to counter. But, if we go the Mall with a needed purchase in mind, we will go straight to the store that sells that item. Most people are just wandering around in the stores of life, without a firm reason for being there. When we live our lives in that way, we suddenly realize that life has passed us by. 

Click the "GOALS" tab to learn how to set goals.


Success Is An Attitude 

Success is and Attitude that says you will never quit, no matter what happens. We have to be like Luke in the old movie "Cool Hand Luke", played by Steve McQueen. When Luke was sent to prison, he encountered a huge man that tried to beat him to a pulp. When Luke was knocked down, he got right back up and kept getting up, until the man quit beating on him. He never gave up. He never quit. He wound up making a great friend of the bully that gave him such a hard time. You will find that life is like that. If we never give up our goals, never compromise our ideals, but just keep on keeping on, we become winners. We become successful.

One more illustration 

 To earn the coveted Black Belt in full contact, Ronin Goju Karate, it is required that you learn thousands of techniques. It takes many hours and even years to become proficient in that art. At any time, or any class, the student may quit or leave, and never come back.

If he stays, and keeps learning, he one day will be given the opportunity to take the Black Belt Test. What will happen in that testing is that the prospect will be examined on his attitudes towards his fellow man, towards Karate (We want no bullies) and his skills in the art.

To demonstrate these skill, will take many hours, and sometimes even days of testing to complete. At the end of the examination, while he is very tird,the student is then given the opportunity to demonstrate his fighting skills.

He must fight a student of equal rank, in both point, or sport Karate, and then full contact Karate. Then fight a number of students at the same time. One! Two! Three! Four! It does not matter how many, the one being tested must never quit.

 He then fights against knives, staffs and other martial arts weapons. In these fights, he is not allowed to take the weapon from his opponent. He must just survive.

 Then the student is given the opportunity to fight against black belts. Sometimes one, or two, or thee, or even four.. Again he must survive.

The last fight will be against the Grand Master, or Sensei himself. This is the most brutal one. The student is so tired that he can not even keep his guard up. His blows are weak and with no power. He may be stumbling and not even able to stand up. BUT = HE MUST NOT QUIT!

If he at any time refuses to get up, or refuses to return to the fight, he is disqualified, and may never have the opportunity to take that test again. I have seen many students that quit the training before they became black belts. I have NEVER seen a student that started the testing and quit before he won that coveted Black Belt. By the time you have completed that training,

 "To Quit" is not in your vocabulary

If we take that attitude into our lives, toward our goals, we will always be winners. 


To build your attitude, practice reading good books and listening to tapes on that topic. 

Below is a list of some of the books that deal with this topic. 

The Magic of Believing by Claude M. Bristol 

Over the Top by Zig Ziglar

Psycho-Cybernetics 2000 by Bobbe Sommer,

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie 

Enthusiasm Makes The Difference by Norman Vincent Peale 

Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins 

Below is a list of some of the tapes that can be had from Nightingale Conant 

Take Charge of Your Life, by Jim Rohn 

The Psychology of Winning by Denis E. Waitley 

The Science of Personal Achievement by Napoleon Hill

Go to your library or book store. There are thousands of good, motivational, success books.


I hope this web site will encourage you to the level of succes that you desire.

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